Six of the best at Le Val des Terres....

26th May 2015

It was a case of 'Six of the Best' at the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club's Bank Holiday Hillclimb with six new records set.

I spent time on nearly every bend during the day watching (and photographing) the action... and there was no shortage of that!

The racers were treated to five timed runs which is a credit to the organisation of the event and the efficient way the few 'offs' were dealt with.

The high standard of the racing was incredible to watch from the various positions I worked from with the fastest drivers producing performances that I reckon to be near 'superhuman' and very near the absolute physical limit of what man and machine can achieve?

If you noted the question mark at the end of the last sentence you will see that I wonder when that limit will be reached.

However I imagine that over the years many people have pondered the same question only to see that, remarkably, a competitor finds another tenth or two to make a new mark in the record book.

It was Glyn Ridley who cracked a major mark for all racers on the 'Terres... cracking the 30 seconds time. He now holds a permanent place in the records as the first Karter to crack 30s. The day only got better for the Ridley's when Glyn's son Daniel went on to lower his fathers old Class record in the 250 Singles.

So, as if to prove my point about records, today's fastest man in a Kart up the Guernsey hill lost one of his other records on the very day he achieved this amazing feat!

I wonder how long he will hold on to his new one?