So much action. Where do you look?

27th May 2014

The Kart Track saw its own share of Motor Sport action over the weekend. A long Bank holiday weekend is just too tempting to miss when you have petrol running through your veins.

Just think what a buzz the guys who substitute Methanol must get!

So for me the return to a bit of action photography was a pleasant experience after completing one of my other weekend assignments... photographing nearly 200 Brownies enjoying their 'Big Brownie Birthday Stay Away' at the Rue Mainguy Headquarters.

The Brownie Birthday was fantastic and the fun and energy that was put into making the event a great success, despite the weather, was a credit to all those involved.

The contrast between the various photo-shoots is what makes my job so much fun.

But back to the action. Sunday saw Round-3 of the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club Summer Kart Championship. I was taking pics and it was difficult to know where to look as so much was happening on track... but as I've stated, I love Motor Sport action :-)