Soapbox racing provides fantastic action and entertainment....

11th July 2016

Last Sunday Soapbox racing hit St Peter Port roads at speed, literally in some cases, and I think it might become a fixture in the Guernsey calendar after so many people turned out to enjoy the fun... and ACTION... and there was PLENTY of that!!

Sunday was the first (of many I hope) Rubis Soapbox Challenge's through the streets of St Peter Port. As the sun came out so did hundreds of people to view nearly forty home-made Soapboxes take on the jumps, chicane's and bends.

The quality of builds varied from basic to brilliant. The speeds varied from tortoise to terrifying. The launches over the jumps varied from tiny to triumphant!

Now, if you're a regular visitor to you might be surprised that I've found room for a gallery which doesn't feature any motors, or noise and not much speed :-(

However the lack of all those things didn't stop the great action, the crashes, the red-haze and the competitiveness.

So there you have the reason I have given such big coverage in the latest picture gallery... Soapbox racing ticks all the right boxes in my mind :-)

You can view a full gallery of pics (no less than 267) here: