Sometimes a picture doesn't tell the whole story...

04th May 2017

The headline to this Blog is hard to say for a photographer!

Especially one of my era who grew up with rolls of film that offered little scope for any manipulation.

Another thing that sets me up as an 'old generation' 'tog is that I really don't 'get' videoing at all. I know that all my recently purchased cameras have a setting and buttons to start a video recording but I've never explored what they can do.

You'll now understand that I'm proper 'old school'. Maybe this means I'm missing out on all that fun... the endless editing, the massive files.... and just how do you sell the finished video after all that effort when, if you put it online, it is essentially given away?

Of course all of the previous comment could be complete rubbish... I did say that I have no idea about video!

However, even I can see that sometimes the 'good old fashioned' photograph cannot explain what is happening as well as a moving picture could do.

Perhaps the picture at the top of this Blog is an example. In this 'frozen' form you could be forgiven for thinking that it was captured moments before a terrible accident when the Marshall is run over by the Sand Racing car.

But you'd be wrong. I'm sure that any racers are able to interpret the picture correctly. It is clear from the angle the car is leaning into the corner and the spray being thrown up that the driver is making a huge controlled slide. The Marshall in the picture is also an experienced beach racer so he clearly felt comfortable so close to the action.

Now, having explained all of that, I reluctantly have to concede that a video of the same action wouldn't have needed any explanation at all!

But is that what we want when looking at dramatic moments of action?

When a photographer is lucky to catch a special moment in a photograph there remains something for the viewer of that picture to interpret in what they see before them. So this still leaves me thinking that a carefully timed and captured 'still' picture is the finest form of recording action sport. I welcome your own comments on this subject.

You can see from my comment that this 'stills photographer' is not likely to be pressing his 'Record' button anytime soon!

A full gallery of pics taken at the last Sand Racing meeting is now online: