Speeches, Dinner Jackets and a live Band..... must be the Awards

26th November 2012

This time of year sees the Motor Sport season coming to an end.

Last weekend saw one of the established Clubs holding their Annual Dinner Dance and Trophy Presentation when the years Champions got to pick up their rewards.

This time it was the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club who laid out the tables 'dripping' with polished Silverware. (Motor Sport LOVES Trophies!)

The GMC&CC has a long history of supporting a variety of racing and competition and was the organiser of one of the biggest spectacles of recent years when the British Sand Ace Championship was run on Vazon beach VIEW THE 2012 BRITISH SAND ACE CHAMPIONSHIP

So the scene was set. The racers were all 'polished up' (suprisingly well considering that leather gear would always be their prefered form of dress) and I was supporting the presentation with a slideshow of all the winners as they came forward to collect the treasured items. I am always amazed how good a picture can look when blown up and projected on an eight foot wide screen - remember that the screen resolution is only about 1024 dpi! How does this work.... I haven't a clue! . I hope the show was appreciated as it takes an age to put together.

The following day saw the Trials Guys and Gals running a meeting on sections laid out in Petit Bot valley. Having spent the night of the Dinner Dance sharing a table with several of the Trials riders I can vouch for how serious they were taking the next days competition ;-) Party on eh guys!

By early afternoon my body was beginning to function again and I popped along to Petit Bot to take a few pics. The fresh air was just what the Doctor would have ordered!

Pics can be viewed here: