Sssshhhhh.... quiet please

27th April 2017

Taking pics in the 'hear a pin drop' environment of a Snooker tournament is a challenge.

This is where I found myself last weekend after being assigned to cover the 2017 Snooker Team Inter-Insular for the Guernsey Press and the Jersey Evening Post.

The competition was held at the Gremlin Club between La Villette Hotel Gremlins v Tower Green Baize Goblins.

The problem a photographer has when taking pics of Snooker (the same can be said for Golf) is that a hush settles over the crowd of spectators as the player sets up his next play. A photographer has to be extremely careful not to fire off a sequence of exposures at the critical moment... so ruining the competitors concentration. You will soon find Security escorting you off the premises!

When I arrived at the tournament I had already sorted out in my mind how I would try to approach the job. I would take advantage of the 'Quiet' mode on my new Nikon D500. This would be combined with the new Nikon 70-200 f2.8 zoom lens. The kit performed brilliantly and I was surprised by how quiet the quiet mode actually was... I love new technology :-)

Using the zoom lens allowed me to stand well back from the tables cropping the scene using the zoom effect.

The one remaining problem was the tables... note the plural here.

The play was taking place on two adjoining tables at the same time so I had to shoot with both eyes open. One watching play on table one, the other eye watching play on the second table. It can be done!

That was the only way to avoid clicking the shutter whilst a crucial play was being made on the other table.

I'm pleased to say that it seemed to work as the security let me stay in the room. Job done with the help of my Nikon kit.

I've added a few pics to a new gallery.