Stong winds reduce spectator numbers, but not the action...

23rd January 2012

It was 'blowing a hooley' down at Chouet beach yesterday! I can't recall seeing so few spectators along the side of the beach. But who can blame them as the wind was blowing straight into their faces!
However, the Autocross action went ahead - although even the number of competitors was lower than recent meetings. Surely a bit of wind wouldn't put off these resilient guys and gals?
This photographer braved the elements though I'm not sure what was better wrapped up - me or my cameras!
In the sort of conditions on the beach yesterday I make every effort to protect my expensive kit from the sand and sea spray. Both of these 'contaminents' can wreck lenses and cameras alike. The problem is that the protective covers make the manual control of cameras a lot harder - it becomes the work of memory, familiarity and touch - a bit like love-making ;-) NO, I don't take the cameras to bed... Well OK, maybe when I get a new bit of kit!!
The results of the morning spent on the beach are now online.