Summer Kart Championship.... heavy rain!

29th April 2012

Today saw Round-2 of the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club Summer Kart Championship at The Track... and it poured down. After the wet first Hill Climb of 2012 I don't get good vibes from this!
But, the year is long and surely the tarmac racers can hope for some dry racing... soon?
All is not wasted for a photographer, though. The wet conditions add a different element to a picture and getting a bit damp usually pays off with some good pics.
The conditions also lead to some challenging racing for the young Karters and they use the slippery track to hone their skills.
So you could say that it is a win, win!
I've dried off the kit and clothes, the discomfort is already forgotten. I'm ready for the next events... bring 'em on :-)