Sun, Sea, Sand & Ace Action....

15th June 2014

Sun, Sea, Sand and Ace Action.

That was what the weekend included for me and a couple of thousand Motorsport fans in Guernsey on Saturday.

It was fantastic to see such a high class entry for the 2014 Condor Ferries ACU British Sand Ace Championship held on the sands of Vazon Bay, Guernsey. It was also fantastic to see that the event attracted the crowd of spectators that it deserved.

I have no doubt that this unique Championship is held in high regard by the top riders who have raced on our sands. I spoke with many of the guys during the well attended social evening that followed the racing and I didn't hear a word of complaint... other than it is a shame we all have to wait a year before the fun kicks off again!

This praise of the organisation, friendliness and quality of the racing is a strong recommendation when it is remembered that most of the competitors have raced all over the UK and indeed the top venues in Europe.

So once again the small Island of Guernsey has proven that it is able to mix it with the heavy-weights and come out as winners!

Massive thanks must go to the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club and the many officials and helpers who made the day run so smoothly. Also the many Sponsors who enable the event to take place.

This photographer could barely conceal his enthusiasm whilst capturing the action. This event is one of the main highlights of my Motorsport photographic year.

I've now completed the proper edit of my pics after a rather stressful and fast preparation of a Slideshow of the unedited days work that I was requested to present for all the racers to view during the evening get-together.

Any photographers who are reading this Blog should have a little understanding that you would not choose to 'open up' your unedited work for appraisal. We can all capture some crap sometimes, eh?

Sand Racing can be quite a challenging sport to photograph - particularly if you have close access to the track - and it was with relief that I viewed the slideshow of pics for the first time along with the racers. It seemed to grab a lot of attention and good comments and I think my reputation as a Pro photog survived the experience :-)

I'm relieved to say that (even in the cold light of the next day) I didn't have too many 'fails'... phew!