Guernsey Triathlon's Super Duathlon event was held at Ammareurs in a heavy, driving drizzle... not ideal to keep the camera lenses clear.

And that was only the start of it! As a spectacle wearer it was a full time job being able to see! I love my work :-)

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Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-1
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-2
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-3
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-4
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-5
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-6
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-7
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-8
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-9
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-10
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-11
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-12
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-13
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-14
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-15
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-16
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-17
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-18
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-19
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-20
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-21
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-22
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-23
Super Duathlon_21-01-2018-24