Swap the Sand for Grass.... that'll do nicely!

12th October 2013

Continuing a fantastic and varied year of Motor Sport today I was in a cliff-top field photographing a special Guernsey Motorcycle & Car Club race meeting.

With the Sandracing season over the bikers had decided that one last outing was needed before their machines are packed away for the winter.

The Club had managed to pull all the required parts together to allow the racing to take place and we were all treated to beautiful weather and a setting that was near perfect.

For me, as a photographer, it was an opportunity to capture something a bit different.

I moved on to photograph the Motocross later in the day. Once again the setting was on the picturesque Guernsey cliffs.... 2013 is definitely a vintage year for Motorsport :-)

The challenge is to match it in 2014....