Swapping sand for tarmac.......

16th June 2014

After spending Saturday on the beach I swapped the sand for tarmac on Sunday.

Not quite as nice, I'm sure you'll agree :-)

However whilst the thrilling action of the Sand Ace meeting was always going to be a hard act to follow, the Kart racing at The Track did its best to entertain.

Unfortunately (perhaps) I missed a spectacular roll-over by Andy Ward. He has only just returned to the Kart track but he wasn't injured or put-off by the 'aerial antics' as he re-appeared for a later heat.

I was a late arrival at the racing as I had several publication deadlines to meet for pics from the Sand Ace meeting.

However the action hadn't finished yet as during the Rotax Junior Max final there was some controversial behaviour when Blue and Black flags were seemingly ignored. As the racing continued the failure to pull into the pits went on to affect the outcome of the race and the safety of drivers.

Tempers were understandably raised and I don't envy the Clerk of the Course and his assistants in their role in having to make sense of the argy-bargy!

This occasional behaviour by young competitors is, I guess, inevitable when the adrenaline is running high but it was a great shame to observe and certainly doesn't show our (potentially dangerous) Sport in good light.

There are penalties that cover the failure to abide by the rules for good reasons as parents need to know that their children are competing in a controlled environment with safety being the most important thing.

I'm sure that things will have calmed down before the next race meeting... let's get back to fair, safe, fast, noisy and competitive racing. It's what we love about the Sport.

Pics (not of the action!) are now online: