Thanks for the huge response....

02nd April 2013

Thanks for noticing my pics....

I'm quite amazed at today's response to the latest pics that I have added to my Galleries (but it could have been even better - read on).
The site analytics show that well over 16,000 picture viewings have been made in the last nine hours. I find this amazing and I have been humbled by the kind comments that have been posted by many people.

***UPDATE*** Viewings actually topped 26,000 in a 24 Hour period!!!

Whilst the interest in my work is all very nice - we all have an ego you know ;-) I very nearly left the Hill Climb early when it became clear that I had missed the very spectacular crash at the top of Le Val des Terres when Michael Beausire double rolled his beautiful Fiat 500 Abarth.
The good news is that Mike is sore but fine... the Abarth less so :-(
I wouldn't of wanted to make that phone call to my father telling him what I had just done to his pride and joy!!!

As a photographer those are the shots you just hope and wait for (we don't mean harm to anybody, honest). But of course you have to 'be there' to get the shot and I was at the opposite end of the hill. Bummer. Catch you next time Mike, promise!

In the end I stayed around and continued to try to capture some of the peak action moments from around the hill. I was even quite pleased with some of the pics... but still disappointed.

So thanks again for looking at my days work and for finding them hours before I posted this blog saying that they were online!

Got to love the Internet haven't you :-)