That's two down, hang in there folks...

17th March 2014

I admit that I'm quite amazed at the interest in this web site and my work... amazed but encouraged and pleased (time for a smiley I think).


I had a late night last night. Or should I say 'early morning' as it was past midnight when I began uploading the first pics from the busy weekend. I had a couple of Press submission deadlines to complete first but once I 'put my back into it' the time flew by and I found that the GMC&CC 2-Day Trials pics were soon ready for my web galleries.

Having uploaded them I did a bit of tidying up of the days work - again time flew by and it was soon 1.45am. During this period I had Google Analytics running in the background and to my surprise the new Gallery was taking loads of hits!

It begs the question 'when do you guys actually sleep?' I know, I was also one of those insomniacs... but I was working. What was your excuse?

This is no complaint from me :-) I thank all of you for the interest. It's probably just another example of what an 'immediate world' we live in.

The Motocross racers can also now collect their 'picture fix' as I have added pics of their racing...