That's two in a row.....

09th March 2015

If you are a regular reader of this Blog you will know that I'm always going on about the quality of light... of course I am as that is the essential element needed for me to work.

It's also a big plus when I'm on an outdoor shoot if the temperature is biased towards warm and comfortable as well :-) The previous Autocross race was a huge fail on that count!

So it was a second treat in a row for me (as it was pleasantly warm) on Sunday when I had to spend a couple of hours on Chouet Beach taking action pics of the Autocross Club's Banger racing. This was after Saturday's sunny day spent on the cliffs for the Motocross. Nice work when you can get it!

Maybe I will complain (a little) about the quality of light on Sunday as it was cold and dull... here I go again!

However there is never time to think too much about that when photographing Banger racing. The action is so non-stop and you have to spend your time 'watching your back' in case the cars leave the track.

This is both scary and exhilarating at the same time, but hey, somebody's gotta do it ;-)

My action shots are now on-line: