The 2017 Vale Castle Sprint... it was backwards!

20th August 2017

There were changes made for the 2017 Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club's Vale Castle Sprint... it was run backwards! Or at least it was raced in the opposite direction :-)

It remained a fast event requiring commitment and precise driving.

Unfortunately the ACU were unable to sign off the reverse running of the course for the bike riders so it was just the four wheeled racers who had the chance to try out the Sprint in 2017. Hopefully this will be sorted by next year.

I think most of the competitors enjoyed their days racing but one driver will remember the day more than the others. Harry Teal had a BIG crash after the finish line on his practice run. Thankfully he avoided serious injury.

The crash was pretty spectacular by the accounts of those who saw it! I'm sure Harry will be telling you all about it sometime in the future ;-)

My pics of the Vale Castle Sprint are now omline here: