The aptly named Autocross 'Winter Championship' has started...

09th October 2011

Chouet beach was not a particulaly comfortable place to be when the Guernsey Autocross Club held Round 1 of the new Winter Championship.
There were strong winds blowing straight off the sea and you only needed to gaze along the spectator areas to note that there was a very small crowd when judged by normal standards... perhaps the thermals were still packed away in the bottom draw!
If more people had turned out they would have been entertained by some good close racing including the reigning Champion, Ozzy Ozanne, being beaten in the Race of Firsts by Callum Queripel.
The scene is set for another great spectacle on the beach at Chouet over the coming months. Make sure you find the time (and the thermals) to make a trip to one of the races.
A new Gallery of pictures has been added: