The best just gets better and better....

06th July 2015

If I ever get around to making a short-list of my favourite weekends then one event would be sure to feature very near the top.

The Condor Ferries British Sandace Championship is a Motorsport event that would take a high spot on the list and Saturday confirmed to me why.

Now in its tenth year, the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club were rewarded for the decade of hard work that they have put into the Condor Ferries British Sandace Championship by seeing the best quality entry so far.

I understand that several riders chose to compete in the Sandace instead of another prestigious UK event. We were also able to see some of the most promising youngsters riding on the Vazon sands for the first time... and they were awesome. The future of the sport looks very promising.

The Sandace weekend is always very hectic. I'm on the beach for all the racing... that's the fun part... then the work starts :-(

I immediately copied the days shoot unto my laptop computer and then set off to the Wicked Wolf for the evening social.

This year (with the change of venue) I was promised a big screen and projector to display the days work. I visited the pub the day before to check out the system but no-one could show me the set-up... I was concerned that I might have problems on the night. I was right!!

It would take far to long to tell you what went wrong (quicker to say what went right!) In the end my back-up plan of taking a TV along saved the day :-)

I was able to run an un-edited slide-show of the 395 pics that I took of the racing. This is a scary thing for a photographer to do when you haven't had a chance to delete the rubbish or do any form of edit, exposure correction or cropping! To my relief almost all of them looked fantastic.

Sunday morning it was time to make a very quick edit before the Guernsey Press deadline and a further edit for Speedway Star Magazine. Then a full edit of the whole weekends work for my web-site.

So now, with the job done and the Sandace meeting already behind us for another year we must congratulate the GMC&CC for the way they ran the event. It is now a firm favourite with many International riders. They only have to visit Vazon once to catch the 'bug'. Beach racing is so different to their normal race weekends and Guernsey does it brilliantly.

Things can only get bigger and better.