The danger of getting a bit too close to the action....

04th February 2018

The first event of the 2018 GVC Downhill MTB series took place in Petit Bot valley on a very muddy and slippery course which challenged the best of the riders.

This was confirmed when I was almost wiped out by a rider who lost control at the bottom of the hill! I was soaked from the waist down by muddy water!

In the end everything (including the rider) was OK... the mud splashes over my clothing disappeared after a visit to the washing machine and the cameras and lenses were fine after a more gentle wash!

That's the price a 'tog pays when getting close to the action ;-)

My weekend involved plenty more action in the form of the Guernsey Raiders Rugby against Sidcup - a 69-5 win for the Raiders produced plenty of the afore mentioned action!

I also covered the Guernsey Athletic's Junior Cross Country at L'Ancresse. This was run in a strong and bitterly cold wind making it a real challenge to the willpower and determination of the very young competitors. Well done guys 'n gals.

There was more ' gig action' on Saturday evening at the Vale Earth Fair's 'Unplugged' fund raiser at the Fermain Tavern.

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First up are the MTB Downhill pics: