The Festival updates continue...

07th July 2011

There don't seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment! Having spent a considerable time in the build-up to the Guernsey Festival of Performing Arts helping on-site and in the office of the organisers - then two solid days of picture taking - the task of selecting and optimising all those pics continues.
As usual, it is quite suprising how much of an event I miss/forget when chasing around trying to get the best angle on all the action. Sorting the pics is a bit like seeing things for the first time... it's really strange!
But this is what I enjoy. When I capture a 'moment' that represents a performance and occasion it makes it worthwhile.
So, the latest pictures are now on-line. The Bands include Example, The Petebox, ZeroOneZero, Twist & Pulse, Asylum Seekas, Teaspoonriverneck, Jaded Things, Nemesis and The Stowaways.
There are still more to come! Watch this space.