The final Chaos pics are on-line.....

08th July 2014

No-one can accuse the Greenman of skimping on the entertainment when it comes to their Chaos Festival.

I've only just added the last of the Bands to my Galleries and that makes this the end of a pretty long list.

Try this for a line-up... and I missed several Bands!

The pictures of Bands that I captured over the three days of Chaos were:

Therapy?, Nemesis, [spunge], Sugar Slam, Blakalaska, Demise of Sanity, FlashMob, Tantale, Crazy Babies, Coastal Fire Dept, Byzanthian Neckbeard, The Recks, Brunt, Bulletproof, Stone Em All, Static Alice, To the Woods, Rick Jones, Buffalo Huddleston, Fly Casual, Blue Mountains, The Cryptics, Whose Shoes, Skid Rue and Rat Salad.

So, like I said, no-one can complain about the lack of entertainment!

I think I can also say that no-one can accuse me of not putting in a full weekend of work... and all of this was achieved with a pint in my hand!

Nice work when you can get it :-)