The first steps along a long road....

23rd May 2016

After one of my busiest ever 'togging weekends I've taken the first few steps along the long road to completion of the picture edits:-)

Over the weekend I've photographed:

the opening of the new Kart Track
the impressive British SandAce Championship
the intense Full Boar Cage Fighting Lock-In at Beau Sejour
the Bill Green Memorial ride-out,
the massive Autocross Club Banger racing fun meeting
+ a couple of other smaller jobs....

The SandAce Championship gallery is already finished and online... see the previous post.

Now I'm working through the twelve bouts of Lock-In fights.

This sport is one of the most challenging to photograph as the action is so fast (and close!). The lighting is rarely perfect and of course you have to contend with shooting through the mesh of the cage. However when you successfully capture the height of the action it is very rewarding.

I've just added the first galleries featuring the main bouts from the Full Boar Cage & Stage Lock-In... the others are on the way.

Take a look here: