The great gig in the sky..... OK, it was only at the top of Le Val des Terres!

11th August 2013

Come on Floyd fans, this one is for you.... take the challenge!

The occasion was 'The Great Gig in the Sky'..... OK, it was actually only at the top of Le Val des Terres!

Guernsey's masters of all things Pink Floyd recently played In the Flesh at The Fermain Tavern covering some of Pink Floyd's finest songs.

In fact this was several weeks ago now - but I had forgotten to edit my pictures. I must be suffering from Brain Damage :-)

There are always High Hopes at any Elysium gig. It isn't so much Young Lust but more Wish You Were Here. Each of their gigs has Echoes of The Happiest Days of our Life.

Elysium have a band of dedicated followers who, by now, might have now spotted A Saucerful of Secrets? Before each Elysium gig their fans Keep Talking about the latest Prelude and whether it will Eclipse the last.

So with The Hero's Return to the Tavern we were certain that the music wouldn't be Obscured by Clouds. When I arrived there were Signs of Life just Outside the Wall but I didn't see anyone Have a Cigar. Inside, having paid my Money I heard Vera say to Arnold Lane that it was Time and The Show Must Go On.

Outside, the gig-goers were Coming Back to Life after being Marooned with their roll-ups. I heard Seamus shout Not Now John I must Breathe in and Run Like Hell if I want those Empty Spaces at the front. Seamus went into Interstellar Drive, he didn't want to Remember a Day filled with Sorrow when he had to go Round and Round looking for The Narrow Way to the front. No more Biding My Time he thought to himself.

Lucifer Sam was looking like a Scarecrow and was Comfortably Numb. He had been in the Ibiza Bar and had only eaten Candy and a Current Bun since breakfast. He hadn't had a Proper Education and both his Mother and The Doctor had warned him that it was Absolutely Curtains for him if he didn't cut the Party Sequence from his life. The Doctor's Main Theme was that he should be eating more Apples and Oranges or he would really be Up the Khyber.

But for now Lucifer didn't want to hear that Crying Song. He didn't want any more Blues. The voice in his head was saying Come on you Crazy Diamond, park your Bike up against The Wall, forget Your Possible Past. Stop looking at the world through Paranoid Eyes and give up the idea of Learning to Fly under The Fat Old Sun... this was a desire he had got from Yet Another Movie.

Meanwhile I had spent the time waiting for the band by Calling Home. My wife had asked me if I wanted Octopus for dinner. Then the lights dimmed and Hey You, Is There Anybody Out There? I'm sure I can see Signs of Life came over the speakers. I think you could have heard the roar from The Dark Side of the Moon.

Elysium were playing The Greatest Gig in the Sky. It was Us and Them immersed in Floyd's finest. We were as happy as Pigs on the Wing. I absorbed the moment and thought Don't Leave me Now. I was having another One of my Turns. I cried out Let There be More Light.... the answer came from Mark Guillou, have Any Colour You Like. I shouted back Green is the Colour. I was in the best place ever. You can keep St Tropez and Grantchester Meadows, an Elysium gig of Pink Floyd's music does it for me!

All too soon The Great Gig in the Sky was over. It had been the greatest gig since The Grand Vizier's Garden Party and it had been wonderful to See Emily Play.

One of These Days Elysium will play another gig... but never two On the Run so I encourage you to make sure you make it to their next one.

.......... as you can tell I haven't been Lost for Words. But then I have been helped by the great PINK FLOYD :-)

On my way home driving down Le Val des Terres I was still Raving and Drooling about the gig to Corporal Clegg who had hitched a lift and I was just thinking to myself The Gold It's in the.... when I was interupted by the amazing sight of Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict.

Ha, ha.... couldn't resist it ;-)
How many Pink Floyd song titles did you spot?