The Guernsey Amalgamated Boxing Club 'Rampage on the Rock' at Beau Sejour...

27th February 2017

On Saturday the Guernsey Amalgamated Boxing Club held 'Rampage on the Rock' at Beau Sejour... offering twelve bouts of Amateur Boxing.

This time it was a Guernsey Select who went toe-to-toe against the visiting England Universities Select.

As always the evening was well organized and supported by a vocal crowd of followers.

There was barely time to catch your breath between bouts as the action was non-stop. It was fantastic to see how well matched the opponents were as nearly every bout used the full three rounds with several being judged as split results.

Photographing boxing from ring-side is a real challenge as the action is fast moving. Combine that with the twisting and turning of the fighters and the referee walking in front of you at just the critical time you are grateful to get just a couple of 'keepers'.

However Saturdays shoot was one of the easiest I have covered as the ring lighting setup was very good. It was even across the whole canvas and perhaps most importantly it was fairly bright and the colour was consistent. The Dinner Boxing at St Pierre Park Hotel is plagued by strip lighting that varies in colour across the ring... that edit is a nightmare.

But the Rampage on the Rock edit is a piece of cake... a simple case of setting your colour balance, tones and exposure and a relaxed batch process did the job. Thank you Mr lighting manager!

I've just added the first seven bouts to a new Gallery featuring:

BOUT-12_Billy Le Poullain v Conner Fanning
BOUT-11_Casey De La Mare v Zohaib Hanif
BOUT-10_Jimmy Lesbirel v Jordan Awale
BOUT-9_Nathan Green v Mo Bakr
BOUT-8_Sam Masterman v Jordan McIntosh
BOUT-7_James Woolnough v River Watson-Bent
BOUT-6_Steve Traynor v Dhiren Mohan Kapur

All the remaining bouts will be added shortly.

Follow this link to view my pics: