The Guernsey Powerboat Association 2011 Championship gets underway...

23rd April 2011

The Guernsey Powerboat Association held Round-1 of their 2011 Championship around the 'North Beach Outer' Course today in sunny conditions that can only be described as 'Summertime'. With flat calm waters the racers were treated to a smooth ride... not something these guys enjoy that often!
The event was well organised with a reasonable turn-out of competitors, but with a promise of others joining during the season and a few drivers looking to put new boats in the water things can only get better.
I must thank Dave Corbet for working so hard to get me into position for the pics and placing me close to the action on his Rib which also acted as the finishing boat.
I really enjoyed the bright weather - always helps to make the pics. Shame there wasn't a bit more swell to lift the boats out of the water a bit more... oh well, you'll never find a photographer who thinks everything is perfect, he, he!!
Check the picture Gallery here: