The last Bouts of the season....

25th April 2016

Saturday was the last Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club night at St Pierre Park Hotel for this season.

I've managed to get along to most evenings and, along with the Dinner Club members, I've enjoyed some great bouts.

As is so often the case with all genres of Sport, Competition and Performance our little Island punches above its weight.... literally in this case!

The local Boxers have taken on all-comers and they have won more than their share of fights.

There were a number of young and talented boxers enjoying their first step into that ring which offers nowhere to hide. How brave and impressive is that!

Photographically, the boxing is quite a challenge. The lighting is harsh and uneven. It is also coloured... don't think that a camera is as clever as our own eyesight when viewing something under artificial light. The camera is very sensitive to colour casts. Don't forget 'the camera never lies' - or so they say!

As an added challenge the blue canvas on the ring throws a blue reflected cast into the picture too!

.... and then I have to try and freeze the action when the light levels are really a bit too low!

So I think you will agree that it isn't only the fighters who have a hard time, eh?

But, I still had great fun taking my pics... and I will be back next season.

You can view the latest Dinner Boxing pics here: