The losers were those who stayed at home....

29th March 2016

The Easter weather theme didn't stray from the predicted damp forecasts.

In other words, after the wet Sprint meeting on Saturday it was a wet Monday at Le Val des Terres Hillclimb too :-(

It was clear when I arrived that the forecast alone had been enough to put off quite a chunk of the competitors. The pits looked half empty!

But those who made the effort managed to get a whole day of Motorsport including a few fairly dry runs...

The turn-out of competitors was very poor with many not even bothering to turn up. Whilst that is their own choice (they do loose their entry fee) it is a great shame that this happens as the Officials and volunteer Marshals still have to give their own time to run these events - rain or shine.

A little more support and appreciation for those who make these events happen would be nice to see.

At the end of the day the racers who turned up had 'enjoyed' a full day with a chance of making a few more runs than usual... it wasn't them who were the losers ;-)

My pics are now online:...