The missing (Motorsport) link.....

25th February 2018

We must be a bit of an odd lot in Guernsey, eh.

When I say 'We' I'm referring to Guernseymen and women... and I'll extend that to include everyone else who has moved to our little Island as I'm sure a bit of the madness and passion has rubbed off on you too!

Maybe it's because we live on such a small Island that we have to make our own entertainment. This is manifested in the huge amount of activities that islanders organize. There's no excuse to feel bored over here!

I see quite a lot of these events during my professional photography and it never fails to amaze me how much goes on. My specialism is Motorsport photography and almost every other form of Sports photography with Gig photography filling a lot of the remaining time.

But up until Saturday we hadn't managed to tick (perhaps the final) Motorsport box... there was no Rally racing in Guernsey.

How on earth had that happened? Well this has now been sorted after the first running of the Resolution-IT Guernsey Rally! It was run with the enthusiasm and passion that us Guerns are known for and was a great success... I think it was the first of many, fingers crossed.

I was out taking pics in the very chilly wind and a gallery of my Rally pictures can be viewed here: