The Party's on.....

05th March 2015

I know I've said it before but RentOClean are a really good choice if you want a band to get a party going :-)

This is the task they performed admirably last week-end at the Fermain Tavern when they supported Rumpus for their return to the 'Tavern' stage in Guernsey.

It's always going to be a challenge to 'connect' with a crowd who are eager to see the headliners but RentOClean's set includes several songs that guarantee to get the punters singing along.

There is the added bonus that their return to the stage seems to herald the reappearance of summertime (well maybe I should say spring). Either one means that we can begin to look forward to better days ahead.

I sense a few beers, a few sun-rays, many gigs and a Festival or two will all feature in my future. Party on!