The Pride of Guernsey Awards evening.........

15th October 2016

As one of the Guernsey Press pool of freelance photographers I was called in to assist the team of full-time 'togs to photograph the Guernsey Press 'Pride of Guernsey' Awards Evening.

The GP and all their staff had made a huge effort to make the evening memorable and a success.

The whole main open plan office area had been cleared of all the workstations leaving a massive space to layout the dining tables and stage together with the lighting and sound system supplied by Joys.

During the preparation there had been a massive amount of work and inconvenience... remember that this was the working office that still had to produce the daily Guernsey Press from within all the disruption!

However all that upheaval was worth it as the space worked incredibly well and the evening was considered a success by everyone I spoke to.

Of course I was the lucky one as the next day for me was just a 'normal day'... my GP workmates had to rebuild their office before meeting the next days print deadline.

I really enjoyed being part of the event and supplying 'live' pics of the awards ceremony so that a special edition of the Guernsey Press could be printed on the evening so the Award winners and guests could take away a copy as they left.

The only thing remaining for me to do is to congratulate all the Award winners.

You can view a few of my pics in this gallery: