The Risk at 'The Tav'... these were no imposters!

28th November 2011

Anyone with half an interest in the Guernsey music scene will be well aware of the X-Factor prefabricated band that stole the name from the long established and authentic local band 'The Risk'.
I understand that the fight to retain the exclusive rights to use the name continues - but as is so often the case - money and muscle matters and Simon Cowell will probably crush 'the little' guy. Shame on him!
This problem hasn't stopped the REAL Risk from taking to the stage and they gave a demonstration in the art of live performance at the Fermain Tavern on Friday night.
There is no subsitute for experience and when this is combined with the energy that Mark Le Gallez, Colin Leach, Stewart Austin, Andy Coleman and Garrick Jones can still muster (no small feat given their ages!) this latest performance was a lesson how live music should be presented. High octane and dynamic.
Mark added another 'trophy scar' when he cut his ear whilst rolling around the stage... yes it was all there!
Support was from Last of the Light Brigade. One of my favourite young bands.
I have updated the Gallery with pics of this latest outing by The Risk. Check it out here: