The road ahead......

11th September 2012

With the previous Guernsey Kart & Motor Club Sprint at Vazon coast road being cancelled due to atrocious weather it was a relief to see near perfect conditions this time :-)
There was a good turn-out of competitors who enjoyed their track-time.

The speeds were phenomenal. How do you fancy 142mph over the quarter-mile finish line in a 'home-made' V8 powered chassis? If you want to know how that sort of speed feels along the substantial 'bend' that makes up the section on Vazon coast road you had better ask Scott Rayson. It was his 6,800cc custom-made car that did it!

This finishing speed was matched by FTD biker Adam Girard.
Adam also beat the 10 second mark with a time of 9.97. Again this represents a really 'ballsy' performance considering the bend, the changes in level and cambers. I'm impressed!

A gallery of pictures is now online. As always I have more pictures than get uploaded. Give me a call or e-mail if you want to view all your racing.
GK&MC SPRINT 08-09-2012