The Sand Racing season takes to the beach.....

16th April 2017

The broad sands of Vazon bay are the home to the long-running Sand Racing organized by the Guernsey Motor Cycle and Car Club.

There is no doubt that the annual highlight of this form of motorsport is the National Sand Ace meeting. That prestigious event attracts a high class field of Solo riders and Sidecar outfits from the UK, Europe and beyond.

It is a shame that the Sand Ace racing is just once a year... it is so spectacular to watch!

But that doesn't mean that the local competitors can't have a bit of fun whilst waiting for the Sand Ace to come along again.

So that's why I was down on the Vazon sands on Saturday - it was the first of the local championship series.

There was a good turnout of cars. The Junior Bike Class was the biggest that I can remember and the MX Class was well supported. All these produced good racing.

The small number of Solo Bike Sliders and Sidecar outfits was a disappointment. Hopefully the numbers will improve over the next few meetings.

Overall it was good to be back.... and we have the Sand Ace meeting to look forward to in June :-)