The sun shines on our local racers......

11th June 2013

Whoever is in charge of these things managed to keep the sun under cover until the Guernsey Powerboat Association's own race on Sunday ;-)

It would have been nice if they had shared a bit with the Venture Cup Ocean Powerboaters as this would have helped my pics look a lot more interesting!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the conditions for the Venture Cup races were far from ideal in both light and closeness of access. If you wonder just how this affects a picture take a look in the two Galleries... the difference is HUGE!

Race five of the GPA's Championship was held over the Havelet Course... in sun as previously stated... and this offered much better, vibrant colours together with the ability to capture close crops of the action.

Let's have more of this please, especially when the Venture Cup returns in 2014!

Pics of the GPA's Powerboat race are now online: