The time for talking and thinking is over... buy those tickets...

24th June 2011

If you have been watching the TV coverage of Glastonbury you should be 'feeling the Summer vibe'. Well, OK it has rained, a lot, but that is a UK summer!
But this is no problem for the first Guernsey Festival of Performing Arts next weekend. The Main Stage will be arriving 'hot from Glastonbury' and will guarantee your comfort - whatever the weather!
It will be in a massive 'Big Top'... nice.
For the 'first try' at running a Festival the Guernsey Festival is certainly packing a punch. I am watching Primal Scream on stage at Glastonbury as I write this... they will headline the Sunday night.
Many other Bands will appear direct from the Summer circuit of Festivals. This Festival is not short of Big names.
So, as my headline says... the time for talking and thinking about buying your weekend ticket is over. You really MUST be at this Festival. It really doesn't matter what your musical taste is, the atmosphere will be great and the value for a weekends top entertainment cannot be beaten... see you there... no excuses.