A few pics from the 2014 West Show in Guernsey.

The West Show is Guernsey's most traditional annual Agricultural and Horticultural Show held on the old Aerodrome at L'Eree. The atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly with lots of entertainment for all the family.

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West Show_2014-1
West Show_2014-2
West Show_2014-3
West Show_2014-4
West Show_2014-5
West Show_2014-6
West Show_2014-7
West Show_2014-8
West Show_2014-9
West Show_2014-10
West Show_2014-11
West Show_2014-12
West Show_2014-13
West Show_2014-14
West Show_2014-15
West Show_2014-16
West Show_2014-17
West Show_2014-18
West Show_2014-19
West Show_2014-20
West Show_2014-21
West Show_2014-22
West Show_2014-23
West Show_2014-24