There was no slowing down on the hunt for new records....

28th May 2013

Wow, that was a special Hill Climb at the Val des Terres....

Our local competitors continued to lower the records on a hill that was presented in perfect weather. We keep our fingers crossed that all the other events this summer have the same dry days.

I have had a quick check through the results and I think this is the list of record-breakers. Please let me know if I have missed someone or made an error.

The names taking their place in the Club records are: Lee Corbet, Zef Eisenberg, Angus Torode, Scott Rayson, Paul Priaulx, Brin Harrison and Jack Le Tissier. That is quite a list for one meeting.

There were also many notable performances with competitors getting within fractions of a second of the old times.

I have been continuing the task of editing the latest pics. As I mentioned in my last blog, there has been a lot going on over the last few days. Combine this with such a big entry for the Hill Climb and I have more work than normal :-(

But it is nose to the grindstone and I've just been able to make a few updates.

Keeping this web site up to date and offering such a full coverage of local Motor Sport takes a huge amount of time. There is also quite a large cost to run the web site and keep my equipment serviced etc. My photography is my only income.

Perhaps I can drop a little 'sales pitch' into this blog and remind you that you can buy a favourite pic (or two!) from as little as £4.00! Of course (I think) a print is always the best way to see any picture.

I know that loads of my pics are copied from the web site... maybe you will consider purchasing a few - and you get rid of that horrible WATERMARK then, yippee!

The latest Gallery features the Cars from yesterdays Hill Climb including a sequence that shows the moment that the rear wing failed on Steve Brehaut's car which launched him into the bank at the top of the straight...