There were smiles all round....... but who had the best fun?

02nd July 2013

After completing two solid days of Charity Motorsport there were smiles all around the pits. It was agreed by everyone that this was the best fun ever!

Everyone was a winner as the whole weekend was about supporting three deserving Charities (Male Uprising Guernsey, Saumarez Park Playground & the Lions Club)... all this whilst having a great time. Win, win, win I think.

I have now spent a further two days editing my pictures of the racing and it dawned on me as I looked at the varied types of cars used during the two days that there was a very broad mix. In fact there was an amazing variety of cars. Certainly there was a bit of 'exotica', although not as many as I would have liked to see (come on guys bring out your 'treasures' next time).

Amongst the cars were a few AMG Mercs. I have a soft spot for these as that is what I drive.... mmmm, V8's :-)
There were also a few 'shopping' cars that had been 'borrowed' from the Mrs... I think they'll now be back on the driveways smelling of burning clutches. I hope you have your excuses ready lads!

But as I looked through my pics I began to wonder just who enjoyed the weekends racing the most?

There will definitely be passengers who have fantastic memories after donating cash to have a run up the hill with a local racer. But did they actually enjoy their run - or were they scared silly?

There will also be drivers of the faster (and expensive) cars who enjoyed 'giving it some' legally on local roads. But was their enjoyment tempered by the dread of stacking their pride and joy into one of the verges?

I think this photographer had a surprisingly good time too. As a Professionally Accredited Motorsport photographer I shoot a lot of racing.
I was expecting to find the days long, and to be honest a bit boring! After all these were road cars driven mainly by inexperienced racers. But I was completely wrong as there was some seriously good racing to be enjoyed and I had the added challenge, as a photog, of making the racers look as fast as they felt they were!

But, in the end I think my prize for the person who seemed to be having the most fun must go to Mathew Lesbirel who was driving a modified Transit van with a 3.5 litre V8 engine.

Not your average racing machine I hear you say. There is a lesson in there somewhere. I'll let you work it out for yourselves ;-)

My picture galleries are now featuring the Heritage Charity Hill Climb. Once again I will donate 25% of any sales to the chosen Charities.