Things could get a bit interesting...

29th September 2014

If the rumours going around the pits at Saturday's Sandracing are true then next years season on Vazon beach could be something worth waiting for.

It's seems to me that the last couple of Sandracing seasons have lacked a bit of 'sparkle'. Some of the old faces have been missing and the number of Slider and Car entries has dwindled. This has led to a general reduction in spectators lining the sea wall.

The thing that is needed when this happens is something new. A change that re-generates the old interest and following.

Well, just maybe, we had a sneak preview into the future at last weekends Sandrace meeting :-)

Pierre Rive turned up with a newly acquired Sidecar... well who else would be so crazy? Ah yeah, Swifty!

And only Pierre (after loosing his first 'madman' side-kick) could manage to find a replacement passenger in a pub just the night before the meeting. From what I was told the new passenger had never seen a Sidecar set-up and had to do a quick search on the Internet to see what it was all about and to pick up a few techniques.

This was surely a recipe for disaster (after all it was Pierre Rive who was holding the throttle). But no, the team went out and were in control after just a couple of laps! Now there's a first!

Do you want to know the best part about all this?

Well the rumours suggest that there may be two or even three more Sidecars lined up as 'winter projects'. Now if that comes to fruition I predict that the crowds might well return to the walls of Vazon bay.

Who would have guessed that Pierre Rive could be the Saviour!! ;-)