This is why we cannot let the Fermain Tavern disappear...

13th April 2015

If someone was to ask the question 'Why do we need the Fermain Tavern'? Last Friday would have to be the answer!

It was last Friday that the 'Tav' presented another famous band (another one of many). This time it was The Blockheads... yes you all know them from the days when they were Ian Dury's band.

The Blockheads won't mind if I suggest that they have been around a bit. They have certainly amassed a good collection of experiences along the way and perhaps more importantly they have a stockpile of talent that can be brought to any of their live performances. And there are some pretty good songs in their repertoire too ;-)

This is a guaranteed combination to lift a gig into something special... and it did just that on Friday.

So, to get back to my earlier question. The 'full-house' of punters who enjoyed the rare talents of the Blockheads were able to savour all this locally in our 'very own' Fermain Tavern!

That fact alone should tell you why we need the Fermain Tavern... and why we need it to stay as our premier live venue. At a Fermain gig you get the chance to stand just three feet from popular music's new and established icons. How privileged does that make us?

The point is that NO OTHER Guernsey venue will ever replace what we already have here at the 'Tav'. The only other venue that very occasionally puts on a worthy (that's questionable) original band might be Beau Sejour... but really, there is no comparison and nothing remotely regular in their promotions.

But more to the point is the question, 'Where is the atmosphere when you have to stand in a Sports Hall drinking out of plastic cups'?

Please remember what we have in the Fermain Tavern. It is a great venue and needs our support. Paul Staples has done a fantastic job to keep the momentum going for the last few years but now it is time for some-else to take over. We must offer our support so that the 'Tav' continues its fine history of Live Music.

I was able to get right up close to the Blockheads and captured a few pics. They are now online: