This time it was much more pleasant in Petit Bot Valley.....

15th October 2012

Yesterday Motor Sport re-visited Petit Bot valley for the second time in as many weeks.

A lot was different though. The organising Club was different, the Category of Motor Sport was different, I think every competitor was different and the weather conditions were certainly VERY different.... it was sunny and dry this time!

The few things that were exactly the same were the enthusiasm and commitment shown by all the riders and officials taking part. The atmosphere on the sections is always very friendly and you have to enjoy seeing the support offered to every rider - whatever their standard. There is a feeling of 'common interest' in this skillful sport with several 'retired' riders now Marshalling. It is also nice to see that there are a few new faces taking part.

One of the difficulties for me in giving good coverage to the Bike Trials is its timing early on a Sunday afternoon. My Family (children and granchildren) often join Carol and me for a family Sunday lunch.
I am very fortunate that Carol allows me to pursue my photography 'un-hindered' (she's one in a million), however I am pushing my luck sometimes when I disappear out of the back door before helping with the washing up!

I managed to sneak out yesterday though :-)

A new Gallery of pictures featuring the Bike Trials at Petit Bot have now been added. Taking pics definitely beats washing up!