This time it's personal.......

19th May 2015

I've been photographing the Autocross 'Banger' racing down on Chouet beach for quite a few years now but last weekend's Fun Meeting was a bit more personal.

My father, as he approaches ninety years of age, has recently given up driving himself around. I hope I am still 'on the road' at a similar age... time will tell.

Having made that decision, we were left with a fairly worn-out Hyundai Getz in Seaside Blue to dispose of.

Maybe it was the name of its colour that triggered the idea that the Getz deserved one last swan-song before going to the crusher. So the car was offered to the Guernsey Autocross Club to be used in any way they chose.

That brings us to last weekend's Fun Meeting and the Inter-Insular championship... Guernsey v Jersey.

When I walked around the pits looking for the old car I needed to take a clue from the colour because once all the trimmings have been removed I find many modern cars seem to loose their identity.

But, of course, I soon found it and I met the driver who would be giving it one last burn-out... or maybe its first ever burn-out?!!

I then waited eagerly, camera at the ready, to capture the Getz's last hurrah... and it went out in style, even managing a jump off the ramp which I think was the fatal blow :-(

So it only enjoyed a short time on track but what a way to send an old lady to the crusher. I now have a few pics to show my father and they are sure to bring a smile to his face :-)

I've added a picture gallery for the Fun Meeting. Why not take a look how many times you can spot the Seaside Blue Hyundai Getz? Answers on a Postcard please.