Time on the beach... and a serving sun & Motor Sport

13th April 2014

Spring-time was out in all its glory over the weekend.

I was lucky to be able to spend a little time on the beach... and I get to call it work :-)

The weather for Round-4 of the Guernsey Autocross Championship was wonderful. Chouet beach was a great place to be and the early start didn't seem to slow down how quick lunch-time came around and the need for me to move on to the next event.

Thankfully it was more of the same as I arrived at the Trials sections (on the beach) at Fort Grey.

Again the sun was out and the beach was a very pleasant place to be. But I knew I had to work at things to capture the best action shots so after a short time I headed in-land unto Andy Benstead's land where other sections were laid out.

This was the best move for me as I was able to capture pics that were both action shots and of value to me using my 'photographic eye'. What do I mean? Well a photographer can only capture the light and action before him and the light within the small wooded area of the Trials sections was low, warm and painted by shadows. No photographer could resist it!

If you were one of the competitors riding the sections, I hope you had fun and understand how a photog looks at the scene in front of them with a different eye...

I've added the Autocross & Trials pics to my Galleries. Take a look: