Time to make a show.....

17th January 2015

I am reckoning that it is now safe to update one of my picture galleries.

This particular gallery always requires an update at about this time of year. That is because it features work that was sold over the Christmas period to be given as presents.

I always find myself having to be careful not to reveal any 'secrets' in the run-up to the big day. I design, print and deliver these special personalised gifts during the weeks leading up to Christmas and it would not be appreciated if I let the surprise out of the bag to the recipient!

The gallery I am referring to is the one that features my custom designed Montages. These always sell well for gifts as they are a great way to display a few favourite pics.

Unfortunately, it's a fact that when someone just buys a 'normal' print in one of the smaller sizes it often ends up in a draw, forgotten and rarely seeing the light of day :-(

So the best answer is to buy something that deserves a little bit of wall space. Montages tick that box. The final design is customised just for you and will encourage you to keep it on display. I even offer an option to have the Montage framed before delivery. Nice and easy, job done.

Of course the fact that no-one wants the surprise spoilt before the big day means I cannot add the gift Montages to this web-site until all the parties are over. I reckon it is safe now so the updates are now on-line.

Oh, can I just remind you that Christmas 2015 is on the way... don't forget to start your pressie list ;-)