To Hell and back on the Wings of Metal......

19th November 2012

Hellfighter, fronted by former Guernsey resident Simon Gordon, headlined a night of Metal at the Fermain Tavern last Saturday.... and with Nemesis on the bill there was never a doubt what we were in for!

Nemesis have been pushing their style of Metal for almost as long as the Stones have been doing their thing (maybe a slight exageration here!). The guys are unashamed to flaunt all the classic rock poses, every riff in the book is used..... and the followers LOVE it!

So with Guernsey's own Metal Heads setting the tone before the visiting headliners the full crowd was primed for a lively one :-)

Whilst Metal isn't always my thing, I was really looking forward to seeing Hellfighter perform. I remember their frontman, Simon Gordon, from the time he fronted local band Thousand Points of Hate. That band were tight, focused and talented and Simon took them to a higher level with his stunning Rock/Metal voice.

The wait for Hellfighter to take to the stage was rewarded by a classy performance that would have filled a small Arena! The crowd left drained and satisfied.

I have added the first picture Gallery featuring Hellfighter. Once again (and I know this is becoming a bit of a 'cracked record') the lighting was VERY challenging with fast unpredictable sequences, strong back lighting and the 'pure' monotone prime colours that LED lights are so good at producing. This is all made worse (photographically) when a stage is 'flooded' with a single colour.... especially RED.

My earliest encounters with LED floods, several years ago, were very positive. In fact I loved them. They didn't burn-out the highlights so much as the old spotlights. However - maybe as the technology has 'improved' - the colour is so now pure they can now be really hard to work with. I find my pictures require quite a lot more post-processing. It is MUCH more fun taking the pics than sitting at the desk tweaking colours and tones.
No doubt I will return to this subject again sometime, watch this space!