To quote Stuart Butler....... "Thank you & Oh, what fun"

02nd July 2012

Event organiser Stuart Butler headlined his post-event e-mail to all the racers and helpers with the line quoted above.
Now the 'fun' part can be applied to both the drivers and spectators!
I was amazed at the reactions from the many spectators. I was rather expecting the general level of excitement to be somewhat lower than that of a 'proper' Hill Climb.
But no, the assorted mix of vehicles together with the 'show-boating' by JJ Gallagher and the many burn-outs (including the biggest I can remember on the hill by Zef Eisenberg) kept the crowd entertained!
There was also a queue for the passenger rides in a real race car.
First reports reckon on topping £30,000 raised for the chosen Charities of Headway Guernsey and The Lions Club.
This amounts to a job well done. My guess is that it will be more of the same in twelve months time.
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