Trials bike championship... new gallery of pics on-line

14th November 2011

That was a busy weekend of Motor Sport photography. First it was Motocross on Saturday followed by Autocross racing and bike Trials on Sunday.
I have mentioned before on this blog that I am amazed at the amount of Motor Sport that happens in Guernsey. It certainly keeps me busy!
Of all the various classes that are run the slowest has to be bike Trials. Of course the sport isn't about speed (other than completing all the sections in the allocated time).
No, this sport is all about bike control... and it is astonishing what the Expert riders can do on their machines. Many of the sections are impassable on foot... no problem for two wheels though. How do they do it?
The last of the Gallery updates is now on-line. Click on the following link to view the bike Trials.