Trials bikes take to the beach......

22nd March 2017

The Annual 2-Day Trials meeting was organized by the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club last weekend.

I managed to get down to some of the sections but was limited for time this year. There seemed to be a good turnout of riders including visitors from Jersey, France and the UK.

It was a shame that the weather wasn't warmer with less wind as some of the conditions at exposed sections were pretty grim for the Marshalls. I hope their grit and stamina was praised by the competitors... it's never much fun sheltering from the wind and rain when you aren't taking part in the Trials action.

Even though the obvious, comfortable option was to stay at home there were good numbers of spectators spread around the sections and they were rewarded by some great riding.

An early springtime date for this meeting always runs the risk that it might be spoilt by inclement weather. But I've taken a look in previous years galleries and sometimes we've been treated to fantastic conditions. You really never know what you'll get with British weather!

I've just added a new gallery featuring pictures of the 2017 2-Day Trials meeting. Follow this link to view the pics: