Trials time again and I'm after the action pics...

10th December 2012

This year I have made a special effort to photograph more Trials meetings than previous years and I must say that I have enjoyed the different challenges that this has presented.

Most of the other Motor Sport that I photograph 'majors' on speed... the more the better usually!
So I have to take a different approach and viewpoint when considering how to do justice to the skillful, brave and controlled riding that is Trials.

However there is one theme that seems to be at the core of just about all the genre's of photography that I enjoy. This is the importance of capturing the 'peak' moment of action.
A successful Motor Sport picture might capture a car sliding on the apex of a corner or a biker generating sparks from laying the bike down low enough to get the pegs on the tarmac.
Even the gig photography requires concentration to capture a distinctive, momentary gesture of a singer or a crowd reaction. In each case it is all over in a split second.

With the Trials photography it has been important for me to begin to understand what a skilled rider can achieve on their bike - and that can be pretty amazing!
Slowly I think it is beginning to sink in and I am learning to judge the styles of riding and I'm finding positions to shoot from that add a bit of drama to the manoeuvres.

I spent a short time out on the windy coast on Sunday covering the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club Trials meeting at the Pines. The resulting pics are now online. I hope a few reflect some the split seconds of peak action and showcase the riders skills... let me know what you think.