Two more from the weekend....

19th October 2015

On Sunday I decided to have a change... it's as good as a rest they say :-)

It's been a while since I have managed to get along to the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club's Sunday morning Trials.

Normally I photograph the Senior riders in the afternoon but the mornings are saved for the Youth, Sportsman and Pre 65 riders. So it was off to the Dos D'Ane on Sunday morning for me.

The atmosphere was great... busy and friendly.

The sections were close together as everything has to be fitted within the steep slope at Dos D'Ane as the junior riders aren't licensed to ride on the road. I had to have eyes in the back of my head to make sure I didn't wander into the tight sections. The juniors really enjoy the riding and I think many more youngsters would love the chance to take up the sport.

Then, in the afternoon, I made another rare visit to a Motorsport event.

The GMC&CC Autotests are very low-key. They 'pop up' in various car parks around the island. This time it was at Ronez quarry.

An Autotest meeting takes the form of a few mates driving near-wrecks of cars around tight circuits marked simply by traffic cones. The layout is changed several times and involves lots of tight turns, reversing, hard stops in the 'gates'... and lots of tyre smoking.

This is Motorspor fun on a budget. Yeah, it's a boys thing!

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